Law360 Mentions International Trade Partners as Counsel to ArcelorMittal

Partners Paul C. Rosenthal, Kathleen W. Cannon and R. Alan Luberda were mentioned in the Law360 article US Finalizes Tariffs On Corrosion-Resistant Steel.” The U.S. Department of Commerce recently teed up final import tariffs on imports of steel used to make cars and industrial equipment from China, India and three other countries after affirming its earlier finding that the merchandise has gained an unfair advantage in the U.S. marketplace. Closing the book on investigations stemming from petitions filed by AK Steel Corp., U.S. Steel Corp., ArcelorMittal USA and other domestic industry titans, the agency called for duties ranging as high as nearly 241 percent on imports of corrosion-resistant steel, known in the case as CORE, from China, India, South Korea, Italy and Taiwan. ArcelorMittal is represented by Mr. Rosenthal, Ms. Cannon, and Mr. Luberda.

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