Law 360 Quotes Special Counsel Wayne J. D’Angelo on Revised Hydraulic Fracturing Rule

Special counsel Wayne J. D’Angelo was quoted in the Law360 article, Revised Federal Fracking Rule Gives Industry Breathing Room.” The article discusses the recently revised hydraulic fracturing rule released by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Mr. D’Angelo commented on the rule, Hydraulic fracturing is an extremely nuanced technology — how it’s regulated is highly dependent on local hydrology and local geology and that’s why the states are the proper regulator.” He further said, “[The revised BLM rule] is more sensitive to localized regulatory needs, but it is still a federal program that applies everywhere and may not be as nimbly focused on local hydrology, local geology and local population densities.” With this in mind he also said, This is, I think, an example of responsible rulemaking. Based on those comments, [BLM] went back to the drawing board and tried to do it better. You’ve got to give them credit for listening.”