Kelley Drye’s Barbara Hoey Appears on Brut Media Discussing the Purpose, Use and Misuse of NDAs

The Non-Disclosure Agreement has been a hot topic in the news recently, with stories focusing on their use by President Trump, Harvey Weinstein and Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg. Putting the use of NDAs in perspective, partner Barbara Hoey, co-chair of Kelley Drye’s Labor and Employment practice group, was recently interviewed by Brut Media where she discussed the purpose, use and misuse of NDAs.

I think the idea that the NDA is always a terrible thing is frankly a mistake,” stated Barbara, because there are legitimate business uses on the company side.” On the topic of abuse, Barbara further explained that no company can force you to sign it. That’s the bottom line. I mean, particularly in today’s world. No one can force you to settle. If you want to fight it, you could go and fight it. Everyone has the choice. Unfortunately, finances, I think, are probably the biggest issue.”

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