Kelley Drye, Tata Infotech, Ltd. Victorious in Resolution of International Contract Dispute

Kelley Drye won a key arbitration victory on behalf of Tata Infotech, Ltd. (TIL), a large Indian provider of information technology equipment and services. The arbitration stemmed from a contract dispute with HB International (HBI), which agreed to market off shore call center services on behalf of TIL. When HBI failed to bring customers to TIL after almost two years, TIL terminated the contract. Consequently, last year, HBI instituted an action before the American Arbitration Association. TIL retained Kelley Drye to defend it against HBI’s claims and to counterclaim for TIL’s costs expended in the venture.

This matter culminated in a four day hearing, during which, Kelley Drye demonstrated with significant evidence that HBI’s claims were without merit. The arbitrator ultimately found that TIL had adduced overwhelming” evidence that HBI never lived up to its obligations.” TIL was awarded damages and reasonable attorneys fees in defending the matter and prosecuting its counter-claims.