Kelley Drye Resolves Custody Dispute on Behalf of Pro Bono Client

Kelley Drye successfully represented a client (“Ms. Doe”) pro bono in a dispute with her former husband regarding the custody of their son. Ms. Doe’s former husband had filed the case in Manhattan Supreme Court to prevent Ms. Doe from obtaining free counsel for the custody matter; however, Kelley Drye, through the referral of inMotion, an organization that offers legal advice to individuals in need, volunteered to represent Ms. Doe pro bono, averting his efforts in this regard.

Kelley Drye appeared on behalf of Ms. Doe to negotiate a favorable settlement and resolution without resorting to a hearing. The Stipulation and Order provided that the ex-husband withdraw his Order to Show Cause and to withdraw his petition for custody. It was further ordered that the parties maintain their current custody and visitation arrangements, with primary physical custody remaining with Ms. Doe.