Kelley Drye Represents Singer Britney Spears in $9.8 Million Lawsuit

Kelley Drye is currently representing singer Britney Spears in a lawsuit against eight international insurance companies to recover almost $10 million in damages for their refusal to pay for losses sustained when a portion of her Onyx Hotel Tour was cancelled because of a knee injury. As stated in the Complaint, in 2004, Ms. Spears was preparing for a North America and European tour and purchased contingency insurance,” which is customary in the industry to cover abandonment, postponement or cancellation of performances, paying more than $1.3 million in insurance premiums.

Kelley Drye is representing Ms. Spears in her claims, which state that the eight defendant insurance companies refused to compensate the singer for losses arising from the canceled shows, despite repeated demands to do so.

This is a straightforward case. We asked them to do the right thing, and they won’t do it,” stated Kelley Drye’s Firm Chairman, in various articles reporting on the case. CNN, The New York Times, ABC News, Reuters, and hundreds of other news sources are covering the story.