Kelley Drye Named Best Of The Best” by Financial Institution Clients

Kelley Drye was cited as Best of the Best in Financial Services” in an independent research survey conducted by The BTI Consulting Group of Boston (BTI). The survey was based on feedback from more than 60 corporate counsel at 21 global financial services firms.

The survey, entitled Investment Banks and Their Law Firms: Client Service Performance and Market Dynamics,” gave Kelley Drye top honors in 11 categories including Best Performing,” Best at Advising on Business Issues” and Best Legal Skills.” The Firm also excelled in other categories, receiving praise for superior communication and use of technology.

Kelley Drye, which was given the highest honors as Best of the Best in Financial Services,” has for years represented some of the country’s largest financial institutions in high-profile litigation and corporate matters. The Firm’s successful representations within this industry, and its focus on client service, also resulted in citations for Best at Client Service” and Best at Client Focus.”

BTI is a Boston-based market research and management consulting firm that regularly conducts independent research on how companies acquire, manage and evaluate their professional service providers, including legal counsel.