Globe Newswire Mentions Kelley Drye’s Representation in the Aluminum Association Trade Enforcement Working Group’s Win

Partners John Herrmann, Paul Rosenthal and Kathy Cannon and special counsel Grace Kim were mentioned in the Globe Newswire article ITC Final Determination a Win For U.S. Foil Producers and Rules-Based Trade.” The article discusses the U.S. ITC’s determination that the U.S. foil industry has been injured by unfairly-traded imports of certain aluminum foil from China. Investigations were initiated after the Aluminum Association Trade Enforcement Working Group filed antidumping and countervailing duty petitions on March 9, 2017. This determination is an important step in restoring fair competition in the U.S. marketplace for domestic producers that have suffered extensive injury for many years from imports of unfairly-traded aluminum foil from China,” John said.

The Aluminum Association Trade Enforcement Working is represented by John, Paul, Kathy and Kim.

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