Fox Business Network and Global Finance Quote Partner Alan R. Luberda on Duties Set Against Power Transformers Imported from South Korea

Both Fox Business Network and Global Finance ran an article entitled U.S. Sets Antidumping Duties on South Korea Power Transformers,” quoting partner Alan R. Luberda on the findings of the Commerce Department that the transformers are being dumped, or sold below fair value,” into the US market. Mr. Luberda, the lead trade counsel for the U.S. Transformer Fair Trade Coalition, the group that filed for relief, was quoted as saying, “[t]he dumping margins announced today are very significant and demonstrate that the domestic industry was justified in seeking relief from dumped large power transformers from Korea.” In August, the U.S. International Trade Commission will vote the duties into effect if they find that the imports threaten to cause material injury to U.S. producers.”