Forbes​.com Notes Kelley Drye Representation of XPRT’s Lawsuit against eBay

Forbes​.com reported on XPRT’s complaint, alleging eBay’s infringement of six patents relating to online payment systems. 

The article stated: Forbes could not reach eBay for comment, but lawyers for Kelley Drye & Warren -- the law firm bringing the suit on XPRT’s behalf -- say the suit not only involves patent infringement but also the violation of trade secrets. ...

According to the complaint, XPRT sent eBay a confidential patent application in 2001 that the auction giant later incorporated into its own patent application. I think the easiest evidence is that the patent office itself has rejected many of the claims based on XPRT’s own patents and patent applications,’ says Steve Moore, a lawyer representing XPRT.”

The article noted that the $3.8 billion damages claim is based on a six percent reasonable minimum royalty rate” of eBay’s PayPal transaction revenues.  Partner Thomas B. Kinzler is representing XPRT.