E-Commerce Law & Policy Quotes Gonzalo E. Mon on Amazon False Review Lawsuits

Gonzalo E. Mon was quoted in the E-Commerce Law & Policy article Amazon Sues 1,114 Fiverr Users in the US.” The article covers a lawsuit filed by Amazon against 1,114 anonymous defendants for offering false review services on the Fiverr website, which allows users to buy and sell minor tasks. The suit is the result of an Amazon investigation that involved Amazon hiring freelancers on Fiverr. Mr. Mon notes that, It’s a little early to say what Amazon will be able to achieve or whether it will be able to unmask the John Does’ in this case. Regardless of what happens in court, I think there is some value for Amazon in this suit. At the very least, Amazon may be seen as a company that is taking some steps to prevent fake reviews. That could play well with the retailer’s customers.” He goes on to say that, The company views the current suit as the next step in a long-term effort’ to stop fraudulent reviews. So we’re likely to see more from Amazon on this issue.”