Digiday Quotes Partner Gonzalo E. Mon on Legal Problems in Digital

Partner Gonzalo E. Mon was quoted in the Digiday article, Brands’ Biggest Legal Problems in Digital.” The article discusses new privacy issues that crop up as brands have a bigger and bigger social media presence. According to Mr. Mon, new and different executions and technology always have their own set of legal challenges.

Mr. Mon said an example of those challenges is when brands team up with bloggers, because whatever a blogger or an influencer says on behalf of a brand, the brand can be held liable for. If a blogger isn’t 100% accurate, or over exaggerates, the brand could face legal trouble. While giving the social media reins over to a blogger doesn’t always end in legal trouble, it’s a risk that brands have to consider.

Crowdsourcing is another way brands can run into legal trouble. You’ve got to be careful with crowdsourcing because a lot of times, consumers will submit content that infringes on copyright laws and make claims that are just untrue and the brand is responsible for that,” Mon said. Crowdsourcing carries some peril because what happens is out of your control.”

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