Daily Journal Mentions $30 Million Lawsuit Dismissal Against Hallmark

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge dismissed the $30 million lawsuit filed against Hallmark Channel by former pro figure skater Oksana Baiul. Baiul has unsuccessfully filed a number of complaints against companies for alleged breaches of contract, and this was another unsuccessful suit.

In 1994, Sonar Entertainment Inc. produced a film based on Baiul’s life story, which Hallmark distributed years later. The lawsuit claims Sonar and Baiul entered into a written agreement entitling her to 30 percent of the film’s revenue, after deducting certain costs. Hallmark argued in its motion for summary judgment that Baiul was neither a party nor a third-party beneficiary to the relevant agreement with respect to that revenue. The judge agreed, and concluded that Baiul had failed to present a triable issue.