Concrete Products Quotes Partner Larry Lasoff on Indian Antidumping Duty Petition

Partner Laurence J. Lasoff was quoted in the Concrete Products article U.S. stainless steel bar producers invoke antidumping duty terms for Indian peers.” Through the U.S. Department of Commerce, seven domestic stainless steel bar producers have filed a request for changed circumstances reviews, arguing that Viraj Profiles and Venus Wire Industries Pvt. Ltd. should be immediately reinstated under the existing antidumping duty order on competing product from India. Mr. Lasoff notes that, The available evidence shows that Viraj Profiles and Venus Wire have resumed dumping. As such, they should no longer be entitled to benefit from their conditional revocation from coverage under the antidumping duty order. If the antidumping duty order is to function properly, the Department must ensure that conditionally revoked companies adhere to the conditions of their revocation agreements. The dumping practices by Viraj Profiles and Venus Wire must be addressed immediately or their behavior will significantly damage the effectiveness of the existing antidumping duty order on stainless bar that U.S. producers worked so hard to put into place.”

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