Chief Information Officer Judith Flournoy Named Outstanding CIO of the Year

Kelley Drye is pleased to announce that chief information officer Judi Flournoy has been named Outstanding CIO of the Year” in the first annual Changing Lawyer Awards. 

The Changing Lawyer Awards honor innovation in legal practice and legal technology. The Outstanding CIO of the year recognizes a CIO who most effectively introduced a new technology or process that has enabled the firm to deliver better service to its clients.

Litera said, Judi Flournoy is CIO for Kelley Drye & Warren and is passionate about the importance of innovating to stay at the forefront of the legal profession. Working her way up from a deeply technical role to the CIO ranks, Judi developed an appreciation for what end users need from technology as well as what it takes to deliver the technology.” 

Recently, during a DMS migration, she tuned into the firm’s practice areas and how lawyers were working to effectively include the lawyers in their decisions for workspace design. By giving the firm’s lawyers buy-in, they then had a solution that was relevant to everyone at the firm. Although this morning we are honoring Judi for embracing and driving change at her firm, we could equally honor her for her leadership as a former ILTA president, chairman of ILTA LegalSEC, and a member of the Founding Circle for ALT.”

The Changing Lawyer Awards is presented by Litera Microsystems, stemming from their publication, The Changing Lawyer. The Awards are an opportunity to recognize and celebrate those individuals and organizations that have best embraced and championed change.