BNA Privacy & Security Law Report Quotes Partner Dana B. Rosenfeld on FTC-Facebook Settlement

Partner Dana B. Rosenfeld was quoted in the BNA Privacy & Security Law Report article, FTC-Facebook Settlement Reflects Broader Privacy Shift, Attorneys Say.” The article discusses the shift toward new privacy standards for U.S. firms reflected in the Federal Trade Commission’s recent agreement with Facebook Inc. The agreement, announced Nov. 29, required Facebook to adopt so-called privacy by design steps to revamp the way that consumer data is handled across the business community. These steps urge companies to be more transparent about what they are doing with personal data by using concise privacy notices instead of relying on consumers to read through lengthy privacy policies.

Ms. Rosenfeld noted, I think the big take-away for businesses generally is that they need to include privacy on the front end when designing products and services instead of considering it as an afterthought. It’s what the FTC has been calling privacy by design.”