Bloomberg Law Big Law Business Quotes Mark Konkel on the Proposed Legislation to End the Use of Confidentiality Agreements in Sexual Harassment Claims

Partner Mark Konkel was quoted in the Bloomberg Law Big Law Business article “#MeToo Movement Brings Busy Times for Labor Lawyers,” discussing the potential legislation being proposed to bar the use of confidentiality agreements in claims of workplace sexual harassment, and how the #MeToo movement has brought a need for an overhaul of how companies handle workplace sexual harassment.

For many years, companies thought of harassment as a legal risk, and they sought training on how to avoid situations that might hurt them in court, but the perception of that risk has changed. I think there was more room for a kind of cynical compliance when this issue was not as public, and by cynical compliance I mean regulatory box checking,” said Mark. And now the focus is How can we make sure that our female employees don’t feel this way, and how we can identify who may be making them feel this way, and what do we do with him when we find him.’”

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