Barbara Hoey Featured in Law360 Article on How The High Court Shook Up Workplace Bias Law In 2023

The U.S. Supreme Court rocked the discrimination law landscape in 2023 with two rulings that changed how employers evaluate religious accommodation requests and ended affirmative action in higher education, leaving lower courts with open questions they’ll be grappling with for years to come.

Law360 quotes Kelley Drye’s Barbara Hoey, who notes that the reverberations from the case that ended affirmative action in higher education have been huge for employers.”

Virtually every client has taken a hard look at all of their initiatives, and in some cases, modified things to make a program more inclusive, to say it’s not limited to individuals of a certain ethnicity, or a certain race, simply because they don’t want to be the next target, they don’t want to be the next lawsuit,” Hoey said. And there have been a good number of lawsuits.”

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