American Metal Market Quotes Partner Wayne D’Angelo on Concerns from Steelmakers and Their Associations

Partner Wayne D’Angelo was quoted in the American Metal Market article Steel takes aim at air, waste, OSHA rules.” Wayne expressed that his clients, Steel Manufacturers Association and Specialty Steel Industry of North America, are mainly worried about the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of mills’ engineering studies in enforcement actions. There have been multiple instances that constituted failure to maintain good practices to control air pollution due to lack of implementation. As a result, mills are reluctant to conduct studies knowing that the recommendations may become de facto enforceable requirements,” he noted. The chilling of innovation is not good for the industry or the environment.” A second concern relates to the control of particulate emissions. The failure to achieve 100-percent capture and control at that internal point is therefore a violation of the permit, even when there is no correlating indication of a violation of the emission limits or opacity standards outside of the melt shop building. There is no steel mill in the U.S. that captures and controls’ 100 percent of all particulate emissions from the furnaces inside the melt shop,” Wayne stated.