Women At KDW Hosts Business Development Program

March 16, 2011

On March 16, 2011, Women At KDW hosted A Business Development Seminar for Women Associates.” The seminar was presented by Tracy LaLonde of Akina Corporation and Kelley Drye’s marketing practice development manager, Kate Stoddard. Ms. LaLonde discussed ways to create a personal brand, engage in business development conversations, and build and maintain professional relationships. Ms. Stoddard provided advice on how to make use of business development resources at Kelley Drye. The seminar included interactive exercises and prompted lively discussions about how to manage difficult networking situations and how to define and promote one’s brand.

The event was planned by associate Jennifer Raviele.

Women partners and associates from Kelley Drye’s Chicago, Stamford, Parsippany, and Washington, D.C. offices joined the presentation via videoconference. Cocktails and refreshments capped off the event.