Who’s Calling Their Lawyer? The Expanding Range of Non-Traditional” Clients for FARA Matters-and The Lesser-Known Takeaways

ACI’s 5th National Forum on FARA – Foreign Agents Registration Act

December 1, 2023

Partner Jeff Hunter will join this interactive panel discussion at ACI’s 5th Annual FARA Conference in Washington, DC. The speakers will provide key insights on the expanding range of entities that have been caught up in the FARA crosshairs (and why) and the rationale for this trends, including with respect to:

  • Non-profits and NGOs
  • Think Tank
  • Universities
  • PR firms
  • Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce
  • Sports teams and leagues, and entertainment industry
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Digital and social media companies
  • Application of FARA to state legislative lobbying

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