Truth vs. Fiction: Comparative Advertising Around the World

INTA Leadership Meeting

November 11 – 14, 2009

Partner John E. Villafranco participated in the 2009 International Trademark Association’s Leadership Meeting, which took place on November 11-14 in Miami Beach, FL. The Leadership Meeting was designed to provide INTA leaders with the latest information on the hottest topics in the trademark field. Specifically, the meeting focused on helping brand owners explore new ways of empowering their trademark portfolios to produce better value and embracing innovative practices and techniques to rebuild their brand strategies to achieve a better, stronger, faster result at a lower cost.

Mr. Villafranco participated on a panel titled Truth vs. Fiction: Comparative Advertising Around the World.” He discussed comparative advertising practices that are permitted and banned around the world, the possible legal implications of running such ads in various jurisdictions, and the challenges and opportunities that counsel face when reviewing proposed ads.

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