Trending Topics: Social Media and the Law

Kelley Drye Webinar

August 9, 2011 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (EDT)

You’ve seen and heard the benefits of social media marketing campaigns. But are you adequately managing the legal risk?

In recent months, companies have found themselves in hot water over video contests, online content posted by consumers, and fake reviews on blogs. Understanding the FTC’s priorities and recent court decisions involving social media is important to ensuring compliance with applicable laws and avoiding liability.

Kelley Drye held a webinar about the important legal issues and best practices for leveraging social media. Topics of discussion included:

  • Common legal problems that companies have encountered by engaging consumers through social media including sweepstakes, contests, blogs, and other promotions.
  • Objectionable content and how FTC guidance affects testimonial advertisements, bloggers, and celebrity endorsements.
  • Intellectual property concerns, including copyright infringement and right of publicity.
  • Practical tips to minimize legal liability associated with social media campaigns.