The Midterm Elections Are Almost Here...Are You Prepared?

Kelley Drye Seminar

October 10, 2018 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (EDT)

Join Kelley Drye’s Government Relations and Public Policy Group as we present a bipartisan assessment of the 2018 elections. Election analysts Greg Speed and Jim Ellis will break down key House, Senate and Gubernatorial races and provide a detailed and data-packed assessment of the current state of play as well as the prospects for control of both Chambers in the upcoming 116th Congress and key statehouses across the country.

Greg Speed is the president of America Votes. He has led AV as president, and previously as executive director, since late 2007. Under Greg’s leadership, AV has experienced significant growth as an organization, partnership network, and a pillar of progressive infrastructure nationally and in the states. He has led the development of a strong and stable fundraising base, and built robust campaign operations and coordination of independent programs delivering millions of voter contacts.

Jim Ellis is President of Ellis Insight, LLC, where he analyzes electoral politics and reports upon trends, and tendencies in American elections. Jim formerly provided political consulting services to the House Republican majority through 2006; has run two national political action committees; and consults with many major corporations, associations and national lobbying firms.

About Kelley Drye’s Government Relations & Public Policy Practice
Kelley Drye’s bipartisan team of legislative advocates includes more than 30 government relations professionals with diverse legal and legislative backgrounds and significant credibility with decision-makers at all levels of the federal government. We work to advance our clients’ interests as they strive to sustain market leadership, ensure a competitive business environment or achieve a specific policy objective. We not only understand the intricacies of the legislative and executive branches individually, but also help clients navigate the delicate interplay between the two.