The A-B-C’s of Reg Reform: What You Should Know to Effectively Participate in the Debate

April 7, 2011 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (EDT)

One of the major topics on the congressional agenda is the role federal agencies and regulations can play in economic recovery, job creation, and trade and competitiveness more generally. Join Kelley Drye’s Government Relations and Public Policy group for a roundtable discussion on the many regulatory reform bills that have been proposed and are gaining attention in the 112th Congress.

Major bills repealing specific regulations (many focusing on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (“EPA”) climate change rules), reforming the rulemaking process, and reasserting Congress’ oversight role have been introduced. Even President Obama has weighed in with orders and pronouncements calling for a more balanced, disciplined, and open regulatory process.

Legislative proposals either contained in bills that have been introduced or that are on the drawing board run from a complete restructuring of how federal regulations are developed and approved to improvements on the margin. There are already laws, executive orders, and regulations on the books starting from the Nixon/Ford days, and even earlier, that establish processes and safeguards.

Especially given the sheer volume of initiatives, not to mention the complexities of the proposed and existing laws, assessing the potential effects of these measures can be challenging. This event will cover:

  • Key regulatory reform bills and where they stand
  • Historical perspective on existing laws, as well as prior efforts at reform
  • President Obama’s regulatory reform initiatives
  • Prospects for meaningful change and ways that you or your company can participate in the debate
For more information on current regulatory reform initiatives, please see this recent client advisory.