Social Media Internal: Managing Employees & Optimizing Company Policies

PMA 2012 Marketing Law Conference: Converging Platforms & Diverging Laws

November 14, 2012

On November 14, 2012, partner Gonzalo E. Mon spoke at the 34th Annual PMA Marketing Law Conference in Chicago, IL. The conference highlighted topics concerning social media policies, developing apps for platforms and legal challenges, mobile marketing, branded entertainment/rights issues, endorsements/talent/union contracts/Gamification/on-line behavioral/advertising, US and Global privacy concerns, sweepstakes, contests, gift cards, coupons and all forms of incentive marketing, advanced I.P. issues and a host of other subjects. Mr. Mon moderated the panel discussion Social Media Internal: Managing Employees & Optimizing Company Policies.” The panel included: Cheryl Givner, Group Head & Legal Counsel at MasterCard Worldwide; Ben Berman, Deputy General Counsel at Kayak; Lynne M. Matuszak, Lead Counsel of Consumer Marketing at Ford Motor, Co.; and, Robert Pineda, Senior Counsel at Johnson & Johnson.