Release Reporting Quagmires – Legal Considerations for Lenders Making Difficult Due Diligence Decisions

Environmental Bankers Association

May 3, 2023 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (EDT)

Unacceptable impacts to drinking water, obvious vapor intrusion concerns, and million dollar liabilities might be the easiest calls in environmental due diligence.  It’s the gray areas that challenge lenders and Environmental Professionals alike.  So how should lenders identify a reportable condition?  When is a de minimis condition just that, and not the tip of the iceberg?

Tune in for this nuanced discussion from a panel of seasoned attorneys from across the nation and discover what considerations lenders should undertake when evaluating reporting laws that don’t offer clear direction.  Learn how Environmental Professionals and attorneys assess who is responsible for reporting, under what circumstances reporting may not be warranted, and when reporting is strongly advised.  Don’t get bogged down in circular reporting discussions on your next transaction.  Join us, learn from the panel’s examples to navigate the murky world of reporting quagmires!

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Speakers include Kelley Drye special counsel Valerie Sheaffer, Jessica Crutchfield, Sean Leary, and Michael Nesteroff.