Post-Election Policy Outlook: Energy & Environment

IPAA Industry Insights Webinar

December 2, 2020 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (EST)

Join Partner Wayne D’Angelo, Director of Government Relations Dana Wood and Government Relations Advisor Maggie Crosswy for an IPAA Industry Insights Post-Election Policy Outlook: Energy & Environment webinar

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President Trump took office nearly four years ago armed with an aggressive agenda to decrease environmental and other regulatory burdens on domestic industries, including oil and natural gas producers. And judging by pledges made in the course of the 2020 campaign, the incoming Biden Administration is likely to be equally aggressive in refocusing on climate change and reversing Trump-era reforms.

The scope and extent of environmental and energy policy changes that can be accomplished by the Biden Administration may depend, however, on which party holds the majority of seats in the U.S. Senate. While we won’t know which party will control the Senate until after two runoff elections in Georgia in early January, we’ve learned from multiple previous administrations that presidents can be quite effective at implementing their environmental and energy policies without seeking any new statutory authority from Congress.

This webinar will provide a recap of the 2020 election results, and the potential impacts on energy and environmental policies. We’ll look at the composition of Congress, the outlook for committee leadership, and the prospects for legislative action on issues such as climate change. We’ll identify key members of the Biden transition team, discuss initial or prospective agency appointments, and examine other early indicators of the Biden Administration’s environmental and energy policy priorities. We will also discuss which Trump Administration regulations and orders may be most susceptible to reversal and what the Trump Administration hopes to accomplish in its remaining days.