New York City Bar Association Celebrates 30 Years of Diversity Efforts

June 18, 2014

On June 18, 2014, the New York City Bar hosted a celebratory dinner in honor of its 30-year effort to foster and promote diversity in the legal profession. The dinner also recognized the City Bar’s 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award Winners, which included Michelle J. Anderson, Dean of CUNY School of Law, and Natalia Martin and Karla Sanchez, co-founders of the Cafecitos Network. As a lead up to the event, the New York City Bar’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosted a series of discussions, primarily for Signatories of its Statement of Diversity Principles which were adopted in 2003. These included a Diversity Directors Roundtable, a Managing Partners Forum, and a General Counsel Dialogue. The City Bar also released its 2013 Benchmarking Report in conjunction with this event.

Kelley Drye is a Signatory to the Statement of Diversity Principles and a longstanding supporter of the New York City Bar Association. Attending the dinner on behalf of the firm was Diversity Director Venetta Amory.