Law Enforcement and Network Security

Kelley Drye Breakfast Seminars

April 7, 2005 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am (EDT)

This seminar is directed to ISPs, Telcos, Cable Companies, VoIP providers, anyone entering the voice and data market and provides an overview of what your company needs to do to comply with the legal and practical requirements of law enforcement and avoid liability from customers at the same time.

A panel of industry leaders and regulatory representatives will discuss:

  • How CALEA applies to VoIP;
  • What to include in customer/end-user agreements to afford the ISP, Cable Company or Telco flexibility when dealing with law enforcement issues;
  • What law enforcement expects when it initiates an intercept request (and what it does not expect);
  • How equipment must be modified to meet current law requirements, including CALEA requirements; and
  • How to report, with immunity, objectionable material that you are aware of on your network (by a customer complaint, for example).