Kelley Drye 6th Annual USF Update

February 25, 2015 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (EST)

Kelley Drye is proud to present our 6th Annual Update on Universal Service Fund (USF) activities. From the intricacies of USF contributions to revisions in the four support funds, we have a program that will help any communications provider understand and thrive in this space.

This update will address the major developments in the past year. In the area of USF contributions, it will discuss the most recent USF appeals, the FCC’s referral of contributions reform to a Federal-State Joint Board and, of course, our annual review of what you need to know in the FCC’s Form 499-A instructions. We also will address what to expect in the new mandatory USAC appeal process for USF decisions.

In relation to the supported programs, we will discuss the significant changes made to the FCC’s e-rate program, and the impact of the nearly $1.5 billion annually being added to the e-rate fund. We also will discuss key issues for Lifeline carriers, including the latest on duplicates detection, biennial audits and the re-certification process. In addition, we will cover critical issues affecting rural healthcare providers and participants in the Connect America Fund high cost program. Finally, our discussion will conclude with an overview of USF enforcement actions and the activities of the new USF Strike Force” in the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.