Influence, Power, and Perception: Finding Solutions to Evolving Claims Substantiation Challenges When Using Influencers and Endorsers

ACI’s 6th Annual Forum on Advertising Claims Substantiation

February 10, 2023 from 10:15 am to 11:15 am (EST)

It is now common in nearly every industry for companies to use influencers and endorsers to help promote their products, but this can often lead to the risk of unsubstantiated claims. Our panelists will discuss the different roles of influencers and endorsers and assess the claim substantiation risk with these product promoters.

  • Understanding how the increased shift towards influencers and away from endorsers is impacting claims substantiation
  • Examining how the FTC’s influencer guidance is affecting influencer usage as well as endorser usage
  • Assessing the risk and assuming the risk – diving into the risks associated with influencers and endorsers
  • Developing contractual parameters on what influencers and endorsers may say

    • Is there a difference in what an influencer can say vs what an endorser can say
  • Employing crisis management techniques when influencers and endorsers go rogue