Kelley Drye’s 8th Annual Fashion and Retail Law Summit

June 23, 2022 from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm (EDT)

On June 23, 2022, Kelley Drye will host the eighth annual IN FASHION: Fashion and Retail Law Summit for executives and in-house counsel. Kelley Drye lawyers and thought leaders from some of the world’s top fashion and retail companies will convene for a full day of presentations on hot button issues that impact the business.

The event will address the latest trends, anticipated developments, and challenges in the fashion and retail industries.


New Trends on Vintage Styles: Advertising Law Update
Partner Gonzalo Mon will discuss the latest trends on vintage issues, including claims about sustainability and environmental benefits, claims about the content and origin of products, the use of influencers, and what’s happening with consumer reviews.

Forever Chemicals in the Fashion Industry: Managing Liability and Consumer Sentiment with PFAS and Other Emerging Contaminants
Partners Andrew Homer and Joe Green will discuss the most pertinent regulations, litigation issues, and liability developments surrounding the most impactful evolving contaminants in a generation: per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These so-called forever chemicals” are the prime focus of federal and state regulators, as well as environmental and consumer protection groups that are scrutinizing PFAS use in apparel and other consumer products. The presentation will highlight key enforcement trends, such as under California’s Proposition 65, and state regulatory efforts, and touch on ways to minimize and manage potential liability through supply chain engagement, contract language, testing and other best practices.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights in the Metaverse
Partners Andrea Calvaruso and Michael Zinna will discuss the new challenges that brands are facing with respect to the enforcement of intellectual property rights related to digital assets and Non Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”).

Clear and Convincing Evidence: What Importers Need to Know About the UFLPA
The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) goes into effect on June 21st, exposing importers to legal and reputational risk associated with the presumption of forced labor in their supply chains. In this session, partner John Foote and special counsel Jennifer McCadney will help importers understand the implementation of the UFLPA and provide guidance on how companies should prepare to comply with the Act and how to respond to potential inquiries from CBP with sufficient evidence to establish that their goods were not produced with forced labor.

Forecasting the Future of Privacy: What the Fashion Industry Needs to Know
Privacy is continuing to receive enormous attention from Congress, the States, the FTC, and even the White House. Partners Paul Singer and Aaron Burstein will discuss key privacy legal developments at the State and Federal level and what they mean for the fashion industry.

New In Style: Mass Arbitrations and How Your Company Should be Prepared
Mass arbitration – where thousands of claimants assert arbitration demands against a company at the same time – is becoming increasingly common. This trend can expose companies to hefty filing fees associated with thousands of individual arbitrations – in addition to costs of defense that arise in connection with any dispute resolution. Partners Whitney Smith and Glenn Graham will discuss this recent development and what your company can do to protect itself.

More Radical Transparency in Fashion: PAY
New York, one of the most recognizable fashion capitals of the world and one of the nation’s largest labor markets, will soon join other key jurisdictions in a growing trend of state and local pay transparency requirements for employers across the country. And while transparency is generally a virtue, pay transparency laws create a quagmire of issues in attracting and retaining talent—not to mention HR and legal landmines. Partner Mark Konkel will cover new pay transparency laws, insights on compliance, and practical implications for talent acquisition and retention.

This complimentary event is by invitation only. If you or a colleague are interested in receiving an invitation, please contact infashion@​kelleydrye.​com.

CLE credit will be available.  Kelley Drye is an accredited provider of CA, IL, TX and NY CLE. This continuing legal education program will offer 3.5 California, Illinois, Texas general credits and 4.0 non-transitional general NY CLE credits. We will apply for CLE credit in other jurisdictions, upon request, but cannot guarantee approval.