Discussing the Steigerwald Class Action

NOSSCR Annual Conference

May 12 – 8, 2022 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (EDT)

Partner Ira Kasdan presented at the 2022 NOSSCR Annual Conference in Austin, TX.  His presentation, Discussing the Steigerwald Class Action,” discussed the Steigerwald v. Berryhill case in which a federal district court ordered the Social Security Administration (SSA) to recalculate back benefit payments for over 130,000 disabled beneficiaries, and found that SSA collectively owed 70,000 of those class members more than $107 million. The session specifically reviewed how the Steigerwald case came into being, its highlights on the merits and as to the applicability of Section 406(b) attorney’s fees, as well as class action litigation against SSA more generally.