Advanced Communications Services: Is My Service Regulated?

Consumers are inundated with apps and services that offer a variety of communications capabilities, such as messaging, video conferencing, Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and many things in-between.  In addition, IoT devices and services incorporate many communications capabilities and services, like real-time voice, location monitoring and emergency alerting.  Often, providers assume that because the services are not ordinary telephone services, they’re not regulated.  But is that true?  This session will help you avoid devastating surprises or unwanted disputes about your services. 

We will discuss the distinction between telecommunications and information services under the Communications Act, track the history of the distinction, and review the major cases that examine these service offerings. We will discuss the questions surrounding services that incorporate both elements and help you to devise strategies to avoid or gain the benefits of regulation, depending on your objective.  The session will also highlight ancillary social obligations of advanced communications services to provide disability access, to prevent illegal robocalls and to contribute to various telecommunications support programs.