Avoiding Government Scrutiny When Marketing to Wireless Devices

ACI’s 2nd National Advertisers’ & Marketers’ Regulatory Summit

September 19, 2007

Alysa Hutnik, member of the Advertising Law Practice Group, presented at the 2nd National Advertisers’ and Marketers’ Regulatory Summit: Industry Insights Straight From the Enforcers in San Francisco on September 19, 2007.

Alysa delivered a presentation with Kerry O’Brien, a Staff Attorney for the Federal Trade Commission, on Avoiding Government Scrutiny When Marketing to Wireless Devices”. The presentation explored the evolution of the laws in the advent of new technology, and explained the interplay between the FTC and the FCC. The session included a discussion of regulatory rules and requirements for pre-recorded messages on cell phones, text messages, and mass e-mails, as well as new developments in the aftermath of the Brand X decision.