An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Employment: Legal Challenges and Considerations

ASHHRA23 Annual Conference and Exposition

April 23, 2023 from 2:20 pm to 3:20 pm (EDT)

Artificial intelligence is transforming the way HR departments function. Realizing the considerable efficiency gains, employers are increasingly adopting AI technology to help gather and analyze immense amount of vital human data to screen resumes, analyze interviews, and issue disciplinary decisions. Along with efficiencies however, employers may also (unknowingly) be introducing bias into the automated decision making process that can implicate employment laws. In response, we are seeing increased legislation focused on regulating technologies to preserve employment protections. Additionally, courts are also weighting in on whether existing employment laws may apply to the use of such technologies. Partner Mark Konkels session will cover AI, its risk of bias, legislative responses to the technology and the impact of already-existing employment laws on AI use by employers.


  1. Understand the risks of AI.
  2. Learn new laws governing AI technology in the workplace.
  3. Hear court decisions on how AI weights on employment laws.

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