A Conversation with Kelley Drye State Attorneys General Team: Part II

2024 State Attorneys General Webinar Series

August 15, 2024 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (EDT)

Join Kelley Drye’s State Attorneys General Ad Law team for Part ll of our webinar led by Chair Paul Singer and Special Counsel Abby Stempson and Beth Chun. We have invited our special guests back from Part l, Stephanie Guyon, Deputy Attorney General, Idaho Office of Attorney General, and Kevin Anderson, Senior Counsel for Consumer Protection and Multistate Litigation at North Carolina Department of Justice.

We will continue our roundtable discussion on investigations and enforcement actions led by state attorneys general (AGs) and the broad authority the states have to perform pre-litigation discovery through investigative subpoenas, often called ​civil investigative demands or CIDs. In Part l, we discussed common issues that may trigger a state – or multi-state – investigation, other pre-suit investigatory authority, and the basics of a CID. Join us for Part ll, as we discuss:

  • Types of objections to CIDs businesses may make
  • Background and caselaw on AG CID authority
  • Strategies for avoiding an AG inquiry