2023 - A New Workplace

ASHHRA23 Annual Conference and Exposition

April 25, 2023 from 3:20 pm to 4:20 pm (EDT)

The working world has changed, and laws are changing along with it. Are we entering a recession? Are we now trying to manage workers we don’t even see? How much can we monitor and not invade privacy? What are the new laws and regulations? What can employers expect in 2023? Partner Barbara Hoeys session will focus on key compliance updates and HR trends that drive policy development and changes as employers move forward into 2023.


  1. Learn top trends in state and local laws that emerged from 2022 and how they impact employer policies and HR practices.
  2. Review federal and state-specific updates.
  3. Gain perspective on top employment law trends for 2023.

The ASHHRA23 Annual Conference and Exposition provides trusted knowledge and critical education to healthcare human resources professionals dedicated to creating and maintaining healthier communities by advancing healthcare through HR excellence.