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Dark Patterns - A New Legal Standard or Just a Catchy Name? (Part One)

| 6 min

State and federal regulators have definitely put a new emphasis on combatting so-called “dark patterns” – a term attributed in 2010 to user-experience expert Harry Brignull, who runs the website…

(Un) Check Your Checkboxes- States not Preempted by FECA

| 6 min

On January 26, Minnesota Federal District Court Judge John Tunheim dismissed a pending action for declaratory relief brought by WinRed, Inc., seeking to enjoin an ongoing consumer protection investigation brought by…

FTC Continues to Focus on Incentivized Reviews

| 2 min

We wrote about the FTC’s first case involving a company’s failure to post negative reviews. Just a few days later, the FTC reached a $3.5 million settlement with Hubble Contacts. Although much of the FTC’s complaint in…

Webinar Replay: State Attorney General Consumer Protection Priorities For 2022

| 59 min

Consumer protection enforcement efforts are expected to increase dramatically this year. Recent pronouncements from State Attorneys General around the country bring privacy, big tech and the misuse of algorithms, and…

Webinar Replay: Privacy Priorities For 2022 - Legal And Tech Developments To Track And Tackle

| 58 min

On another special episode, Kelley Drye’s Privacy Team and Ketch, a data control company, highlighted key legal and self-regulatory developments to monitor, along with practical considerations for how to tackle these…