FCC Delays Filing Deadline for International Traffic And Revenue Reports – New Filing Window to be Announced

stock_01112012_0284As we discussed in a previous blog post, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) streamlined international telecommunications reporting requirements took effect February 2015. New rule Section 43.62 requires common carriers engaged in international telecommunications service, as well as persons or entities engaged in providing international Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service connected to the public switched telephone network, to file international traffic and revenue reports annually. Due to complications with the FCC’s new filing system, the annual Section 43.62 international traffic and revenue report filing deadline is being postponed from July 31 to a not-yet-announced date.

The FCC requires international traffic and revenue reports be filed using the FCC’s new online filing system. However, the filing system is not ready to accept the report in time for the usual July 31 filing deadline. As a result, and similar to its action with the annual Section 43.62 circuit capacity report filed in April of this year, the FCC is postponing the annual international traffic and revenue report filing deadline. The FCC reports that a special filing window for this year will be announced in the future, and we will provide those dates, in a subsequent blog post, when they become available. The circuit capacity report filing deadline for this year was postponed by a month after its usual date of March 31 (to which it will return next year) and we anticipate a similar multi-week extension for the international traffic and revenue report to be filed this year. Please be aware that traffic and revenue data submitted before the official filing window opens will be deleted, and the filer will need to resubmit its data.


Leah Rabkin, a summer associate, contributed to this post.