Connect with Kelley Drye at next Presidio Forum on IoT Security in San Francisco on June 20

Kelley Drye is excited to support the next Presidio Forum on Securing (and Regulating) the Internet of Things: Policy, Innovation & Investment,” in San Francisco on June 20, 2017. The forum will present a candid discussion exploring today’s expanding IoT threat landscape, continued rise of regulatory interests and the increasing venture capital investment for IoT Security entrepreneurship. John Heitmann, chair of the Communications Group, and associate Jameson Dempsey will both be speaking. Other speakers include Marc Rogers, Head of Information Security & IT for Cloudflare, Dmitry Dain, Co-Founder Virgil Security, and Nils Puhlmann, Co-Founder of Cloud Security Alliance. To register click here. The event is free to attend. Please contact John or Jameson if you have any questions about the event.