Partner Henry T. Kelly Quoted in E-Commerce Times on Google WiFi Privacy Controversy

The E-Commerce Times article Google to Cough Up Garbled WiFi Gleanings” reports on Google’s gathering images for its Street View services and collecting information from unsecured WiFi Networks. German prosecutors are investigating Google’s actions and in the United States lawsuits in at least four states and Washington D.C. have been filed. Google says the data collection was unintentional and that it has not used any of this information in any products.

The article stated, It is also possible that other companies might get caught up in this once the regulators have had a look at the data that was collected, speculated Henry T. Kelly, a partner with Kelley Drye & Warren. Most data security laws prohibit a company from allowing confidential information to become publicly available,’ Kelly told E-Commerce Times. If Google sniffing software used in its Street View cars access information that should have been secured by those companies, these regulators may initiate investigations against those companies.’ ”