June 25, 2022


June 30, 2022

State Attorneys General 102

As discussed in State Attorneys General 101, State Attorneys General are the primary enforcers of consumer protection laws within their state and hold sweeping powers to protect the public they serve by launching investigations and litigation alone or in multi-state actions involving numerous states and territories across the country.

As requested by many, please join Kelley Drye State Attorneys General practice Co-Chair Paul Singer and Senior Associate Beth Chun for State Attorneys General 102. This short 30-minute webinar picks up where we left off and answers a number of questions regarding:
  • Pre-suit/investigation notice requirements for Attorneys General
  • Additional information on the scope of Attorneys General investigative authority and how to challenge an investigation
  • Consumer Complaints: differences among the AGs on handling and use 


July 20, 2022

How To: Protect Employee/HR Data and Comply with Data Privacy Laws

As workforces become increasingly mobile and remote work is more the norm, employers face the challenge of balancing the protection of their employees’ personal data and privacy against the need to collect and process personal data to recruit, support and monitor their workforces. Mounting regulations attempt to curb employers’ ability to gather and utilize employee data—from its historical use in processing employee benefits and leave requests to employers’ collection, use or retention of employees’ biometric data to ensure the security of the organization’s financial or other sensitive information systems. Learn what employers can do now to protect employee data and prepare for the growing wave of data privacy laws impacting the collection and use of employee personal data.

This webinar will cover:
  • Existing and prospective laws and regulations employers should be aware of when managing their workforce
  • Key principles to adhere to when collecting and handling employee personal data
  • Best practices for protecting employee personal data during the employment life cycle

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Readout on House Privacy Hearing: Wide Attendance, Lots of Issues, Full Steam Ahead

On June 14, the House E&C Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce held a hearing to consider issues and concerns raised by the “three corners” privacy “discussion draft” released to the public June 3. As we blogged last week, the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) is an historic bipartisan compromise among three key committee leaders in the House and Senate (Sen. Wicker and Reps. Pallone and McMorris Rodgers). So far, it lacks the backing of the fourth, Senator Cantwell.

CPRA Update: California Privacy Protection Agency Votes to Begin Rulemaking Process

On Wednesday, June 8, the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) Board voted 4-0 (with one member absent) to initiate the CPRA rulemaking process based on the draft regulations released on May 27th prior to the Memorial Day holiday.  (To learn more, please see New California Draft Privacy Regulations: How They Would Change Business Obligations and Enforcement Risk.)  The next step is for the CPPA Staff to initiate the formal notice and comment period, where businesses, advocates, and consumers will have an opportunity to weigh in on the proposed rules.

YouTube Faces Suit Over Automatic Renewal Practices

Last month, plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit against YouTube (and its parent company Google), alleging that the company violates Oregon laws by automatically renewing paid subscriptions to premium music, television, and video streaming services without adequately disclosing the offer terms or getting consent.

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