The Washington Post Quotes Partner David E. Frulla on GAO Lobbyists Report
April 10, 2011

The Washington Post article, "GAO: Most Lobbyists Comply with Ethics Rules," discussed the Government Accountability Office's (GAO) annual audit of lobbying activities. The journalist noted that 97 percent of the lobbyists who were questioned documented their filings, with 68 percent of this documentation supporting accuracy in reporting. A significant number of inaccuracy was due to mathematical errors and the majority of those notified agreed to file amended papers. The article stated that the GAO report indicated most lobbyists are "making a good-faith effort to comply with the spirit of the law."

The article concluded: "My sense of where the Congress is on this is that they are most concerned about ensuring the robustness of disclosure and improving it and making sure the information gets into the system," said David Frulla, an attorney with Kelley Drye & Warren."