The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Interviews Partner Kathleen W. Cannon
May 7, 2010
Partner Kathleen W. Cannon was interviewed by The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel in an article titled “The Art Of Managing Trade Remedy Cases Involving China.” Ms. Cannon discussed her practice and her representation of a number of U.S. wire products manufacturers in trade remedy actions against China. According to Ms. Cannon, many Chinese industries have experienced surging growth in the past decade and are expanding their capacity beyond what their home market can consume. Chinese industries, such as the wire decking industry, will target the U.S. market for their excess production.

For U.S. producers wondering when a trade action should be considered, Ms. Cannon identified the following scenarios that would signal further exploration of a possible trade action might be in order, including: 1) lost sales due to lower-priced imports; 2) an inability to increase prices to cover costs due to the low-priced imports; 3) production cutbacks or unused capacity due to sales being displaced; 4) layoffs of workers; or 5) financial declines due to competition from lower-priced imports. Ms. Cannon also outlined what she foresees regarding developments in trade action cases.

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