Special Counsel Joseph J. Green Mentioned in Article on EPA's Review of Hexavalent Chromium
January 21, 2011
In an American Metal Market article titled "Steel Trade Groups Challenging Chromium Review by EPA," Special Counsel Joseph J. Green was quoted. The article discussed the steel industry recommendation that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) not adopt a draft toxicological review on hexavalent chromium until it has reviewed an important new American Chemistry Council (ACC) study. The standards determined in the EPA's toxicological review will have a significant impact on site cleanup requirements and federal and state regulations, including the pending review of the chromium drinking water standard.

Mr. Green wrote a letter on behalf of the organizations involved, where he noted "the EPA research was mainly carried out on laboratory rats with a 1,000-fold higher exposure to hexavalent chromium than the typical human might be exposed to."