Rose Sheet Quotes Partner John Villafranco on Trump’s FTC Chairman Nominee, Joseph Simons
October 20, 2017
Partner John Villafranco was quoted in the Rose Sheet article “FTC Chair Nominee Links Ad Claims Enforcement To Consumers' Loss.”  Trump has nominated Joseph Simons to succeed Acting Federal Trade Commission Chair Maureen Ohlhausen. "On the consumer protection side, Joe's experience will likely reinforce the policies" of Ohlhausen, "to put economic injury at the center of case selection," said John. "The emphasis on fraud will likely continue, while actions and remedies that would regulate ordinary business practices will face the test of economic analysis. When it comes to dietary supplements, I expect he will have an open mind and rely on Commission precedent in picking his cases," he added.

"He is a long-time antitrust practitioner with experience in private and public practice, and will bring a thorough and deliberative approach to the Commission that will fairly assess the business perspective," John noted. "Simons notably has significant high tech and intellectual property experience, as well as merger experience, where economics predominates decision making.”