Partners Barbara E. Hoey and Mark A. Konkel are Featured in Fox Business’s “The Willis Report” Regarding a Lawsuit Against
May 22, 2015

On Fox Business’s “The Willis Report,” partners Barbara E. Hoey and Mark A. Konkel debate about a lawsuit against in which auto dealers in California are claiming the website provides consumers with too much information about car prices, thereby functioning as a broker without a license. “What this is really about is the enforcement of the laws. If TrueCar is functioning as a broker then TrueCar should simply be licensed as a broker as all other car dealers are,” said Ms. Hoey. Mr. Konkel countered saying, “The idea that this is a lawsuit that’s about consumer protection is truly laughable. TrueCar is a service that provides objective, comparative information so consumers can make better choices as opposed to the opaque, non-transparent process that we’re all familiar with when we go to a car dealership.”