Law360 Quotes Partner R. Alan Luberda in Article “Department of Commerce Ends Duties on Certain Japanese Steel”
March 1, 2017
The Department of Commerce has slashed tariffs on a specific kind of cold-rolled Japanese steel after concluding that domestic producers had no interest in enforcing them, a move sure to lower prices for a U.S. maker of classroom whiteboards. 

R. Alan Luberda, counsel for ArcelorMittal, said the exclusion was requested by a producer of classroom whiteboards that had come to the petitioners saying the steel it needed was not available domestically. Alan commented that the customer was initially seeking a more extensive exclusion, but was able to find domestic sources for some of its needs and narrowed the requested exclusion to the single product, which is not currently produced by any U.S. company and constitutes a very small percentage of steel imports.

Alan has experience counseling and representing a major domestic and international steel producer in significant trade litigation involving customs and international trade issues. 

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